Youth Advisory Board
The Trustees of The Stackpole-Hall Foundation created a
Youth Advisory Board (YAB) in 2013 as a way to get younger
family members involved in philanthropy through the

Members of the YAB are:

Rory Sheble-Hall, Chair
Kylan Turner, Secretary
Madison Conrad
Morgan Drew
Christina Nixon
Frances Saalfield
Emma Scrimshaw-Hall
Kate Scrimshaw-Hall
Daisy Stackpole

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Youth Advisory Board is to support the
needs of youth in the communities in which the board
members reside.  YAB will give priority to various education
programs that serve youth in these regions.

Apply for grants:

YAB is currently seeking grant proposals from non-profit
organizations that work towards benefiting the youth in their
areas. Please message us if your organization is interested in
writing a grant proposal and we will provide you with the
proper paperwork to do so. We are so eager to hear from you!

Connect with the YAB: