The Stackpole-Hall Foundation
                                             St. Marys, Pennsylvania

Position:  Executive Director

Reports to: The Board Chair
Current Staffing: Executive Director and part-time CFO

Application deadline: February 5, 2018. Please submit a cover letter, resume and
compensation requirements to: Kate Dewey at

The Stackpole-Hall Foundation assists those organizations and institutions designed to
enhance the social welfare of Elk County and communities in which employees of the
Stackpole Carbon Company, the Donors, the Donors’ families, and the Trustees reside.
Since 1951, and the beginning of the Stackpole-Hall Foundation, thirty -one individual
trustees have guided the growth and development of a foundation that now has assets
of approximately $28 million.
While financial capital is critical, the trustees believe that the life blood of a private
foundation is its human capital as demonstrated by Stackpole-Hall’s current Executive
Director, Bill Conrad. He will be stepping down from his post after forty-six years in the
summer of 2018. The Board is now undertaking a search for a new Executive Director to
provide dynamic and forward-thinking leadership to promote the fulfillment of SHF’s
vision and mission as a change agent in Elk County.

The new Executive Director will have a broad-based mix of experiences to promote
philanthropy throughout the county, lead grantmaking and evaluation, and continue to
advance the Foundation’s role in community leadership and advocacy on Elk County’s
behalf. From the grassroots to the treetops, all residents of Elk County are constituents
of SHF, and the Executive Director will position the organization to listen to and lift the
voices of a broad cross-section of residents, engaging them in developing community
solutions for issues impacting today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Position Responsibilities

The incoming Executive Director will have key responsibilities for:

1.        Overall management of the foundation
2.        Grantmaking
3.        Community planning and priority setting
4.        Being an ambassador and advocate for Elk County
5.        Community problem solving/negotiator
6.        Board and family support

Overall Management
•        Provide exceptional leadership to a small foundation, including managing current
staff, occasional contract staff, and continually assess the capacity of the organization
balancing efficiency and effectiveness.
•        Ensure that organization has the appropriate systems, physical space, and
technology to operate efficiently and effectively.
•        Manage all financial aspects of the foundation, including programming and
administrative budgets, annual external audits and tax filings
•        Provide information and justifications for Board of Directors in its budgetary review
and approval process
•        Serve as the primary interface with Investment Council and ensure timely
communication with the Board’s Investment Committee.

•        Design and execute grantmaking strategy focused on the Elk County, including
current issues, key resource people, organizations and networks, and a clear
understanding of how they align with SHF’s strategic interests.
•        Solicit, analyze and process funding proposals – determine eligibility and potential
for success, conduct background research and site visits, prepare written and verbal
summaries for the Board to consider.
•        Conduct due diligence on promising grant submissions including those submitted
by family members prior to advancing them for consideration.
•        Keep Board members informed of community needs and priorities
•        Assess impact and continuously learn from/improve work through grant reports,
third-party evaluation, grantee input and expert advisors.
•        Remain informed on legal, accounting, investment and technology issues as they
relate to charitable giving and grantmaking regulations and best practices.

Community planning and priority setting
•        Develop and lead the strategy of the organization to identify grant opportunities that
benefit the people of Elk County and mission of SHF.
•        Assume a leadership role in driving a collaborative process with the Board of
Directors, staff and family members that would result in the development of grantmaking
goals, metrics, objectives and operational plans for the organization.
Ambassador and advocate for Elk County
•        Serve as the public face, champion and ambassador of SHF, representing the
foundation at local, regional and national convening’s, meetings, forums and key
stakeholder gatherings
•        Advocate at the local, state and federal level for the health, education and public
policy issues that impact people in Elk County.
•        Engage in marshalling resources in collaboration with other strategic partners at
the local, state and federal level to meet unmet priority needs of Elk County.

Community problem solving/negotiator
•        Leverage the platform of the SHF in serving as a convener and facilitator on priority
community matters
•        Develop and maintains an extensive and inclusive network of community contacts
to draw upon for input, engagement and community problem solving.
•        Locate the necessary resources to negotiate community tensions and constructive
problem solving.
Board and Family Engagement and Support
•        Lead, motivate and develop board and family members so that they are passionate
about what SHF has achieved and are committed to working effectively toward continual
•        Cultivate a strong partnership with the Board of Directors in setting policies
consistent with the mission of the SHF. Works, as needed, with all standing and ad hoc
committees of the Board.
•        Maintain consistent communication with the Board and family members
•        Prepare materials for Board meetings inclusive of status reports, grant
opportunities, financial statements, and community needs.
•        Create learning opportunities for Board and family members as requested.


•        Demonstrated knowledge of health, education and public policy issues that are
faced by people within Elk County.
•        An understanding of philanthropy and grantmaking.
•        Ability to engage and work cooperatively with stakeholders consistent with the
strategy, goals and direction of SHF.
•        Strong problem solving, analytical and organizational skills with the ability to
prioritize issues in a rapidly changing environment.
•        Solid evaluation skills, including the ability to create measures of evaluation for
programs and program
•        Demonstrated understanding and ability to articulate the nature and purpose of the
Foundation within the philanthropy landscape.
•        Demonstrated success of effectively leading change and organizational growth
through strategic planning.
•        Strong and effective oral and written communication skills.

Personal qualities:
•        Integrity
•        Ethical
•        Gains genuine enjoyment from working with people
•        Respects for people of all walks of life
•        Ability to inspire and motivate others
•        Conscientious about work and responsibilities

Basic Requirements:
•        A minimum of 5 years nonprofit work experience in comparable fields.
•        At least 3 years of demonstrated success in staff leadership partnership
development and financial management.
•        At least a bachelor’s degree with preference of a master degree in a related field.
•        Experience working with or serving on charitable board
•        Must be Microsoft Office proficient, i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.


The compensation package for this position is competitive.